Wheels off service available! See below for details.

Headlight Restoration - 

Restores lost clarity to clouded, faded or oxidized headlights. Headlights are polished to a haze-free, crystal clear finish. Headlights are then protected using a specially formulated headlamp lens sealant.

  • Semi-permanent headlamp lens coating available

Engine Bay Detailing - 

A complete detail of your vehicle's engine bay, including cleaning of all visible portions, and treating all plastic and rubber surfaces with an environmentally friendly, natural protectant to enhance the appearance and aid in future clean-up. (Note: this will not clean major leaks or grease-build up.)

Exterior Glass Polishing - 

Intensive polishing of your vehicle's windows to remove stubborn hard water spots, chemical etching, light surface scratches and other surface imperfections. Polishing will not remove pitting, chips or deep gouges caused by damaged windshield wipers. This process is time and labor intensive, so please allow for additional time to complete.


    Jamb Coating Upgrade - 

    Protect your door, trunk, and hood jambs with our silica coating for a period of up-to two years with proper maintenance. 

    Hydrophobic Window Coating -

    We apply a durable hydrophobic coating to your vehicle's exterior windows to improve inclement weather visibility, safety and help prevent water spots. This coating will bond to your exterior glass and can last up-to one year with proper maintenance.

    Wheels Off Service - 

    Intensive deep cleaning service for your wheels and tires. Designed to remove any specs of brake dust, road tar or other contaminants from the face and barrels of your wheels. The lug nuts, brakes, suspension and wheel wells are also thoroughly detailed. Requires wheel lock keys, if applicable.

    • Wheel coatings available

    Exterior Trim Restoration - 

    Is your exterior trim faded, chalky or just in need of some TLC? Our exterior trim restoration service will restore that showroom luster and quality to your exterior trim.

    • Semi-Permanent coating available

    Wheels off decontamination with brake dust activated wheel cleaner. The wheel appears to be "bleeding" brake dust, as the specially formulated wheel cleaner dissolves the brake dust, it turns a reddish color. 

    Please note: These services are not available a la carte. These services must be performed in conjunction with a detailing package or bespoke detailing service.