Ceramic Coatings

Clutch offers several levels of ceramic paint coatings for those clients who want the ultimate in paint and vehicle protection. Our offerings range from our value conscious 1-year* coating to the ultimate in shine, water and dirt repellency, and protection - our 5-year* Ultra Coating. 

All of our ceramic coating options provide your vehicle with increased shine, reflectivity, hydrophobicity and dramatically increased protection from the elements. Ceramic coatings are, by nature, incredibly hydrophobic. This means that water, along with dirt and other grime, will simply slide right off the surface of your vehicle. Your vehicle will be easier to clean, stay clean longer and your paint will be protected for a longer duration than with traditional sealants and waxes. 


Silver Express Coating - 1-year* 

Our Silver Express coating provides 12-18 months* of protection from the elements.

Gold Standard Coating - 2-Years*

Our Gold Standard Coating -- a step above the Silver Express -- provides 24-30 months* of protection, increased shine and reflectivity, as well as increased water and dirt repellency compared to the Silver Express. 

Ultra Coating - 5+ years*

The Ultra Coating - for the most discerning client. 

Our Ultra Coating provides 5 or more years* of protection from the elements for your vehicle. This coating provides unparalleled gloss and reflectivity, as well as increased scratch, chemical and UV resistance. This is the ultimate in paint protection. 

Trim, Glass, Wheel, Fabric And Interior Coatings

Clutch is proud to offer other coatings for your vehicle's needs. We offer semi-permanent protective coatings that enhance the appearance and protection of your vehicle's trim, wheels, fabric and interior. We also offer glass coatings that provide unparalleled water repellency for better visibility in inclement weather, increased safety and increased wiper life. Contact Us for more information!

*All protection durations noted are estimates and are determined based on utilizing our Coating Maintenance Program for maintenance. Duration will vary depending on vehicle usage, storage and frequency of washing. Using commercial car washes or non-approved washing methods will likely reduce the durability and protection of your coating.

Currently, ceramic coatings are only able to be installed at our location in Haymarket, VA.