For all of us at Clutch, vehicle appearance is more than paint deep. It is an art and a passion. Our specialists have the necessary experience, expertise and passion to make your neighbors jealous!

Our team consists of passionate individuals with a wide variety of backgrounds--including the automotive industry, business sector, engineering, medical field, and much more. Everyone on our team has a deep-rooted love of cars, trucks, bikes or other vehicles that was born in childhood and blossomed through their lives. With our combined experiences, we have developed systems to masterfully and artfully provide the best results for our customers. 

Our combined experiences mean that we can offer the best results, the best customer service, and the best value for our clients.

standards of service

Our first priority is your satisfaction. We want you to fall in love with your vehicle all over again! We will always aim to exceed your expectations. 

Prior to any major service, we will schedule an appointment to meet with you to inspect your vehicle, discuss expectations, formulate a plan of action and create an estimate. During this assessment meeting, detailed photographs of your vehicle will be taken for reference. These pictures will be used to create the most efficient and effective method to exceed your expectations. 

Only tried-and-true best practices and high-quality professional grade products are used by our specialists to ensure the best possible outcome for your vehicle. We use environmentally friendly products wherever possible to minimize our impact on the environment. 

detailing methods and best practices

We always use tried-and-true best practices whenever detailing a car, truck, or any other vehicle. These include, but certainly are not limited to:

  • Products Used:
    • We have spent years testing hundreds of different products to determine what works the best in various situations, and why it works better than other options. We also extensively study the chemistry of the products that we select, so we can understand what risks or precautions must be taken for the safety of your vehicle, as well as the safety of our crews.
    • We have an expansive arsenal of high-quality products that we will select from when we detail your vehicle. You may see us testing a few different products on your vehicle to get the best results in the allotted time frame, because varying weather conditions can and will impact how certain products and paint surfaces interface.
    • We use a combination of high-end professional products and tried and tested commercially available products that have withstood our rigorous testing procedures. We use products from Meguiar's, BlackFire, HD/3D, 3M, Collinite, Optimum, CQuartz, GTechniq, CarPro, Sonax and many more. Products used will vary from vehicle to vehicle and will be specifically tailored to achieve the best results possible for the services rendered.
    • When possible, we will elect to use an environmentally friendly product that will achieve the desired results to minimize our impact on our only planet. When harsher products are required, we use drip pans and drop mats to contain the runoff and prevent these harsh chemicals from infiltrating into the groundwater or sewers.
  • Washing:
    • Standard Wash -- We utilize a multiple bucket system with grit guards to ensure that the dirt and debris removed from your vehicle during the wash stage is not reintroduced to the paint, and to prevent instilling scratches or imperfections. Separate buckets are used for painted surfaces and dirty surfaces (e.g. wheels, engine bay, etc). 
    • Rinseless/Waterless Wash -- Where a waterless or rinseless wash is appropriate, we use only the best rinseless wash products and as many high-quality, ultra-plus towels or specially designed and constructed rinseless wash sponges as are necessary to prevent reintroduction of dirt and debris to your paint. 
  • High-quality microfiber and boar's hair wash media:
    • Clutch invests only in high-quality supplies and equipment from reputable sources. This includes our wash media. We use only plush microfiber wash mitts and soft boar's hair brushes (where needed). (Exception: tires, carpets, wheels and engine bays, where heavy scrubbing and the use of a stiffer brush is required.)
  • Paint Decontamination:
    • Prior to any polishing or compounding steps, the paint on your vehicle will be thoroughly decontaminated. This is achieved through a combination of chemical and/or mechanical decontamination steps. 
  • Machine Compounding, Polishing, Waxing: 
    • We have spent years honing our skills with various polishers - from orbital dual-action polishers to rotary buffers. Any time a machine is put to paint, test spots will be performed to achieve the desired results with the least aggressive method necessary.
    • For more intensive paint correction work, we take detailed measurements of the paints thickness across all panels (not available for non-metallic panels at this time), to determine the safe working levels of your paint. Detailed before and after measurements are documented and provided in your post service packet.