New Vehicle Protection Package:

Have you just purchased or leased a brand new vehicle? Are you about to? Congratulations! 

Did you know that even brand new vehicles, straight off the showroom floor, can need and certainly benefit from an extensive detailing service? The vast majority of new vehicles sold in the United States are shipped from the factory to the regional distribution centers by trains. These distribution and storage lots are often located in industrial areas. Your brand new vehicle may have rolled off the assembly line as recently as two weeks ago, or as long as six to eight MONTHS ago, depending on demand and its point of origin.

Nearly every new vehicle is shipped with protective coverings over its paint. Sometimes these are thin sheets of adhesive plastic; sometimes they're fabric enclosures for the entire vehicle. The dealership is responsible for removal of these protective coverings, and often does them in a hurry. This can result in marring of the finish on your brand new, perfect vehicle!

Even with these protective coverings in place, industrial and environmental fallout can and often does attack your new vehicle. Iron particles from rail shipment often stick to the exterior of vehicles being shipped. This results in tiny orange or red specks in the paint. This is particularly noticeable on light colored vehicles, but is present on all of them! 

Our New Vehicle Protection Package is designed to address any and all pre-purchase issues that may be caused by shipping or rushed handling at the dealership. It is also designed to provide you with the peace-of-mind that your paint, trim, wheels, and interior are protected against the very same industrial and environmental contaminants that negatively impact the appearance and condition of your vehicle. 

You've made a tremendous financial investment when you purchased or leased that brand new car, truck, SUV or van. Contact us today to decontaminate and protect it the right way and maximize the return on your investment.


  • Detailed inspection of all exterior and interior surfaces and components to determine true condition -- includes paint thickness readings and condition report.
  • All exterior surfaces thoroughly washed using our Gentle, Rinseless or Waterless wash method - Including door jambs and fuel door
  • Exterior surfaces fully decontaminated to remove any bonded contaminants.
  • Exterior paint lightly machine polished to remove light scratches or other defects. (1)
  • 5-year Ceramic Coating applied to all exterior painted surfaces for the ultimate in paint protection.
  • Wheels removed, cleaned, and ceramic coated for the ultimate protection.
    • Painted Brake Calipers also ceramic coated.
  • Tires thoroughly cleaned and dressed.
  • Wheel wells extensively cleaned and a protective coating applied.
  • Trim cleaned and coated with protective coating.
    • Convertible tops (if applicable) treated with protective coating.
  • Glass cleaned and treated with protective, water-repelling coating.
    • Interior Glass treated with anti-fog coating.
  • Interior vacuumed and wiped down to remove light dirt and soiling.
  • Interior carpets, upholstery and leather treated with a liquid and dirt repelling protective coating.
  • Includes 3 months of free maintenance details (2)
    • Estimated Timeframe: 12+ hours
      • Starting at $999 for compact vehicles.
      • Not available as mobile service due to ceramic coating curing process.
      • Ask how to save on your maintenance package by advance booking!
  1. This package is not intended to include or replace full paint correction. The machine polish included in this package will not alter or correct the paint texture in any way, and may not correct significant imperfections. If you desire full paint correction prior to your coating application, we can certainly handle that. Please contact us for more information on our paint correction services.
  2. Limit one maintenance detail per vehicle per month. Additional maintenance details may be purchased at time of service.
  3. This package restricted to brand-new vehicles purchased within 30 days of time of service, with fewer than 1000 miles.