All services performed on an appointment basis only. Major corrective work and all coating applications must be performed at our location in Haymarket, VA. Mobile services available seasonally and weather permitting.

Any price provided as a quote, estimate or "starting from" point are preliminary estimates only and are subject to change at any time. Factors that may affect final price include: vehicle condition markedly different from time of inspection, location, cleanliness, excessive personal effects, pet hair, or dirt and vehicle size. Services billed hourly have a minimum of one hour (unless otherwise noted) and are billed in fifteen minute increments thereafter. In some instances, a deposit (up to 15% of the estimate amount) may be requested to reserve your appointment.

Estimates are valid for 15-days from the date they are written, and will be honored provided the vehicle arrives in the same condition as inspected. Any additional services requested on date-of-service will be charged in addition to the agreed upon estimate at the standard rate.

Clutch :: Vehicle Appearance Specialists will not be held liable for pre-existing damage, or damage caused by undisclosed rust or repainted panels, and is not responsible for environmental factors or damage or weather delays.

If damage directly results from action performed by Clutch :: Vehicle Appearance Specialists or any of its associates, work will be stopped and you will be notified immediately. Photos will be taken for comparison to pre-existing condition. Clutch will assume liability for the repair of the damaged portion of your vehicle to its pre-existing state only. Clutch retains the right to select the appropriate method and location for repair.

Not all vehicles will see 100% removal of paint defects, imperfections, interior stains or issues. Most vehicles can expect to see between 70-95% improvement in exterior condition with our paint correction services.  

Clutch :: Vehicle Appearance Specialists, LLC is a licensed Limited Liability Corporation and is authorized in the Commonwealth of Virginia to conduct business and maintains the necessary liability and garagekeepers insurance policies. You can rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands!

By entering into contract with Clutch, you hereby agree to the above terms and conditions.